Exploring the Eco Enterprises Fund – A venture fund for nature

EcoEnterprises Fund provides growth capital to small businesses in rapidly expanding sectors, such as organic agriculture, (e.g. apiculture, aquaculture, biopesticides, agricultural-focused technology and food systems), aquaculture, innovative food systems, ecotourism, sustainable forestry, and wild-harvested forest products that have proven to generate solid and profitable livelihoods for rural communities who are an integral part of protecting the earth’s natural assets. Companies of this size employ the largest number of local peoples and have the capacity to create the economic engine to truly drive change. EcoEnterprises Fund fills a void in the market by offering tailored venture financing to spur performance while engaging as a strategic partner to strengthen returns and impact. Founded under the umbrella of The Nature Conservancy, EcoEnterprises Fund became an independent investment manager in 2010 with the successful launch of its second fund, EcoEnterprises Partners II, L.P., which builds on the experience and track record of the first fund, Fondo EcoEmpresas, S.A., (EcoEnterprises Fund I). Source: EcoEntrerprises Fund. Retrieved from: http://ecoenterprisesfund.com/

Deutscher CSR-Preis 2017: Die Bewerbungsfrist läuft ab

Am 15.11.2016 endet die Bewerbungsfrist für den Deutschen CSR-Preis 2017.

“Late Birds” können sich danach noch bis zum 30.11.2016 bewerben, allerdings zu erhöhten Gebühren.

Die drei besten Einreichungen je Kategorie sind Finalisten und werden für die Preisverleihung nomiert. Diese Nominierten gibt die unabhängige Jury im Februar 2017 bekannt. Die festliche Preisverleihung erfolgt im Rahmen des Deutschen CSR-Forums am Abend des 4. April 2017 im “Forum am Schlosspark” in Ludwigsburg bei Stuttgart.

Die Kategorien, in denen sich Unternehmen bewerben können:

  • “CSR-Award” – Auszeichnung je einer Person für herausragendes CSR-Engagement jeweils in Deutschland und in Europa (nur Vorschläge, keine Bewerbung möglich)
  • Biodiversitätsmanagement zum Erhalt der weltweiten biologischen Vielfalt
  • CO2-Vermeidung als Beitrag zum Klimaschutz
  • CSR in der Lieferkette
  • CSR-Kommunikation
  • Gender Diversity
  • Bürgerschaftliches Engagement in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (BBE) und
  • Sonderpreis zu “Gelungene Maßnahme zur Flüchtlingsintegration”
  • Vorbildliche Kooperation eines Unternehmens mit NGOs/NPOs
  • Wissenschaftspreis des Deutschen CSR-Forums

Die Teilnahmebedingungen und die Bewerbungsbögen finden Sie hier  

Recommended Reading: Portfolio for the Planet: Lessons from 10 Years of Impact Investing 1st Edition – by Tammy E. Newmark

Rapid growth of the global economy has accelerated the degradation of the Earth’s most important asset: the environment. Increasing poverty and challenges arising from climate change further threaten the planet’s natural systems. With a rising global population, the demand on natural resources to cover even basic human needs is intensifying – supporting businesses that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and help ensure their long-term viability is imperative. As part of a pioneering movement to harness business towards effecting environmental change, The Nature Conservancy launched EcoEnterprises Fund in 2000 to provide investment capital to grow small “eco”-businesses in Latin America. There is a compelling need for financing this niche. Companies of this size truly drive change – creating the engine for economic activity and generating livelihoods for bottom of the pyramid rural peoples which brings about positive social and conservation impacts.
EcoEnterprises Fund’s portfolio highlights twenty-three cutting-edge companies, in expanding sectors such as organic agriculture, ecotourism, sustainable forestry, and non-timber forest products which include innovative industry first-movers―from organic shrimp to biodynamic flowers, and ready-to-drink smoothies made from the latest Amazonian berry. With a successful ten-year track record, EcoEnterprises Fund has valuable learning to share – from what pitfalls to avoid when structuring investments to what types of assistance entrepreneurs in these emerging environmental sectors need most. Portfolio for the Planet translates a decade of experience into accessible lessons for both veterans and newcomers in the field: for those interested in investing in sustainable businesses, discovering novel approaches to environmental conservation, or seeing entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.
Source: EcoEnterprises Fund. Retrieved from: www.ecoenterprisesfund.com

Sustainability Drinks – Designing for Sustainability – Roles & Responsibility of Design

Sustainability Drinks – Designing for Sustainability
November 3 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Being at the core of product development, maybe no other discipline can drive change better than Design. When it comes to topics like waste of resources, toxic materials, growing energy demand and climate change, designers also face a new responsibility. This event will shed some light on the opportunities, challenges and the general role of design for a sustainable future.

Join us on on the 3rd of November at betahaus to learn, discuss and be inspired.

Our Speakers will be

Eric Pfromm

Industrial Designer and Co-Founder of BFGF Design Studios Hamburg. He is certified cradle-to-cradle® Design-Consultant and Member of Kompetenznetzwerk Umweltfreundliche Produktentwicklung, Hamburg.

Tim Janßen

Tim is CEO of Cradle to Cradle e.V. He is an economist with a focus on founding, innovation management and responsible economic activities.

You will have the opportunity to give a 1-min quickpitch and tell the audience why they should talk to you tonight. If you are interested, please submit your details here:

Submit your quickpitch

* Doors open at 19:00

* Speakers start at 20:00

* Quickpitches at 21:10



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