Questionnaire by the High Level Expert Group on sustainable finance

The High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance was set up in early January 2017 to help develop an overarching, comprehensive EU strategy on Sustainable Finance by giving operational, practical, and concrete recommendations.

A questionnaire has been prepared by and under the responsibility of the High-Level Group in relation to the interim report, published in mid-July 2017 and presented at a stakeholder event on 18 July 2017. It is aimed at gathering targeted feedback on the analysis and reflections in the interim report of the High-Level Expert Group and informing the preparation of the final report.

The responses provided will serve as information to the expert group. In addition, an aggregated and anonymised feedback statement will be published along with the final report as a further contribution to the wider policy debate on Sustainable Finance in the European Union.

The questionnaire is open from Tuesday 18 July 2017. The final deadline for the questionnaire is 20 September. Early transmission of responses (before 6 September) will facilitate processing and early exploitation by the High-Level Expert Group.

Respondents are invited to provide evidence-based feedback, including specific and concise operational suggestions on measures that can be enhanced as well as complementary actions that can be taken, in order to deliver a sustainable financial system in the EU. Respondents are not required to answer all questions and may choose to respond selectively.


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